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A little history about myself my name is Charles Elliott. I was born about 3 miles from big stone gap Va. an 2 mile’s from Appalachia in a place called Inman Va. it was a booming place an Appalachia also. you couldn’t get across the street. it was a coal mining town. an full of people. We moved to one of the coal camp’s called Derby Va. I never knew so many people. From Inman- Appalachia-Derby-Roda-Stonega-Andover-Exeter-Keokee. Appalachia is the home of the Appalachia bull dogs have been district& state champion’s several times. Appalachia was a booming place, just like a gold rush. but when the coalmines went so did most of the people. they are scattered every where. but they have reunions for for all these places every few years. I hope to see all of them again soon. if I can be of help to anyone from here that has moved so far away just e-mail me an I'll get back to you, my e-mail address is .

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