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Daniel Boone Trail Monument

This monument is a marker by the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution. The monument marker was found after being buried for about 35 years or so. It was buried when the modern day 4 lane highway came through Duffield, Virginia. It was found by Mr. Fred Kern & his wife Fay while they were taking a walk and decided to sit down for a rest. While sitting for a rest they seen just a inch or two sticking out of the ground. They began to dig around it and saw what it was. It was destroyed. Mr. Fred Kern got permission from Mrs. Daughter to remove this marker. Mr. Fred Kern planned and carried out the restoring of this historical land mark. It was taken up from its grave by the following people: Fred Kern, David Hurd, Dan Kelty,Benny Spiney, and Carl Kelty. Also the following helped restore the monument was the following: Fay Kern, Jeff Kern, Derek Kern, Melinda Kern, Rashalle Hurd, Dan & Rose Kelty, Dole Bishop, Kenny Fannon, Betty Edmondsom of the environmental field and V.D.O.T.

Also a special thanks to: Jerry Tate for the stone and all labor of putting the monument up for us. He lives in Galaski Virginia. He made a special trip just to lay the stone restoring the monument.

The monument has been restored and relocated about 1 thousand feet south from where it was originally found. Its now located at the highway intersection of 856 and US 23.

Special thanks to:
Fred Kern

For the planning and restoring the historical monument.

The youngest helper was little miss Rashalle Hurd "Her photo below"

Miss Raschalle Hurd is only 3 years of age she helped supervise the restoration.

The monument restoration was finished in the fall of September 2000. This monument will be dedicated in the near future. 

The photos below is of some of the restoration of the monument:
"Click on thumbnail for bigger photo"

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